Bioethanol Production Group

Bioethanol Production Group


With solvent production plant established in bioethanol plant in 2009, production of the first and only chemical industry input D-type ethanol whose production and distribution permission in Turkey was granted only to Konya Şeker, is made. All of the production made at this plant is sold in exchange for imported ethanol and annual 15 million dollars of foreign exchange saving is enabled. This product is used as a printing ink raw material, as a solvent in printing and packaging industry and it is used in washer liquid  and antifreeze production.

Apart from this, ethanol is produced for Medical, Analysis and Cosmetic purposes with Super Ethanol Plant which has been recently put into use. As raw material producer, Konya Şeker offers Çisil Branded Lemon cologne from  cosmetic ethanol which is its own production to the market.


Konya Şeker started to produce liquid carbon dioxide with an additional investment made in Bioethanol Production Plant which was established in order to utilize waste after sugar production. With plant which was completed in December 2012 and has 100 tons of production capacity per day, Konya Şeker started to produce plant origin liquid carbon dioxide which can be used in many areas by capturing carbon dioxide, emerging during production in Bioethanol Factory and released into atmosphere.

In this plant which is an extension of Konya Şeker's environmentalist production approach, carbon dioxide gas which is released during bioethanol production is converted into liquid carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide which is produced and can be stored as liquid, can be used in dry ice and many industry branches (iron and steel, waste water treatment, cooling, polymeric material processing, cleaning, fire extinguisher, storage and cushioning of hazardous material, etc.), especially in internal consumptions of sugar factories and greenhouses.

Dry ice which is produced from liquid carbon dioxide can also be offered to the market for food, cooling and cleaning sectors as pellet and block in different sizes.