Plastic Production Group

Plastic Production Group (Irrigation Systems, Sack, Sack Threat, Corrugated Pipe)

Water is a must for sustainable agriculture. For Turkey which can't be considered rich in terms of water resources, using water economically is vital. With this thought, Panplast Plants which were established in Cihanbeyli in 2006 by Konya Şeker which takes encouraging drip irrigation in order to save water and ensuring widespread use of drip irrigation as responsibility for the future of country’s agriculture are active on total 215.000 m2 of area.

Plant having the latest technology, became pioneering and leading enterprise of the sector by specializing in the production of Drip Irrigation Systems with new investments made after the first investment. Plant which can make production of all kinds and types of irrigation and drip irrigation systems, is the plant which produced our country's first flat drip irrigation pipes. The plant which prevents import of flat pipes by producing flat drip irrigation pipes, prevent country economy's currency loss due to import on the one hand, it lowers the producer's irrigation equipment cost by enabling price of the drip irrigation systems to be cut in half when compared to imported products, encourages the widespread use of drop irrigation system on the other hand.

The plant specializing in plastic products started production of PVC and Corrugated Pipe production and Sugar Sack, Net Sack and Bale string production after 3 new investments consisting of PVC Pipe, Corrugated Pipe Production Plants and Sack Factory completed in 2012. As of 2014, injection plant for the production of plastic pallet, food packagings, Film & Print production plant for the production of agricultural packaging and food packaging, recycling plant for re-use of plastic waste without damaging the environment were established.