Bulghur Products

Çatalhöyük which rose on fertile soil of Anatolia, within the limits of Konya today, is the place where settled life began approximately 9000 years ago. It is our great cultural value that has reached the present day its agriculture, social order, art and architecture. The first systematic agriculture was determined in Çatalhöyük Neolithic City and plants such as wheat and barley were cultivated there.

In the lands where production began 9000 years ago, Konya Şeker continues to produce as today’s industry giant with many factories and plants that it brought to Turkish industry and it continues to share these products under Torku brand.

Konya Şeker which established the world’s most modern plant with Pangev A.Ş. Bulgur Factory, carries out high and standard quality bulghur production in terms of taste, flavor and color under Torku Çatalhöyük brand and aims to bring every bulghur variety to its consumer.