Modern Greenhouse Products

In advanced technology greenhouses established in Çumra Sugar Integrated Plants as an extension of Konya Sugar integrated industry model, greenhouse cultivation is performed by minimizing heating cost in Konya where temperature falls down to minus 20 during the night. By consuming minimum energy in greenhouses, about 80-100 kilograms of yield is obtained per square meter with integrated biological fight application without using chemical drugs. 

The symbol of environmental awareness in greenhouses carried into effect as an organization that carries out its work with zero waste production understanding. Instead of cooling the condensed water produced in sugar production by spending energy, wholly controlled agriculture is performed by being cooled in greenhouses built in Çumra Integrated Plants in order to be re-used in production process.

Crops which are produced in soilless greenhouses in 60 decares of area and in ultra-airconditioned environment with advanced technology without using pesticide and which can be eaten without being washed due to this feature, are grown in an ecological environment. Truss tomatoes produced in these greenhouses reach consumers under Çatalhöyük brand. 

Tomatoes produced in greenhouses which are carried into effect in order to use waste energy used in the production process, will be sold in domestic markets especially in İstanbul and exported to Russia and Netherlands. In greenhouses established in total 60 thousand square meters of area with 4,1 million euros investment in Çumra Sugar Integrated Plants, trial productions of products which are considered impossible to be produced in Konya climate such as banana, cocoa, date and raspberries in addition to tomato are carried out.