Vegetable Oils

Konya Şeker established Oil Seed Processing and Vegetable Raw Oil Factory in order to reduce raw oil deficit causing a large currency loss and coming after petroleum in the second place in Turkey's import and in order to expand alternative product range of beet producer.
With this investment, Konya Şeker has a production capacity of 66 thousand tons of sunflower oil, 42 thousand tons of canola oil, 25 thousand tons of soybean oil and 65 thousand tons of high quality sunflower meal. With its raw oil production exceeding 60 thousand tons, it contributes to reduction of vegetable oil import which has an important role in current account deficit by meeting approximately 10 percent of oil need of Turkey which is 1 million tons.

With this investment having great importance for animal husbandry, all of the high-protein oil meal remaining after oil extraction process is used in order to meet quality raw material need of the feed industry in the region.  

Torku Altın Ekin Sunflower oil is produced as 1 and 2 lt pet bottles, 5-18 lt tins.