Frozen Products

Interest of consumers who met frozen products for the first time during 80s in this product group increases each passing day. The sector that made production for export and institutional catering sector, has vitalized the domestic market and companies have started to stand out with different products upon increasing demand. Different product categories such as bakery products, potato varieties, meat and dairy products in addition to vegetable and fruit come to mind when it is mentioned about frozen food today.

History of frozen food sector is quite new for our country. Although the sector has taken place in the economy for the last twenty years, penetration to domestic market and increase in domestic consumption have occurred especially in the last five years. In this occurrence, fast life due to urbanization, the fact that people are more conscious about frozen foods and increase of the role of women in the business world are seen as important factors. However, domestic consumption has not reached the desired level and most of the production is still exported.

Most of the companies which are active in the sector, present in the market with a wider range of products by freezing meat products, water products and bakery products in addition to frozen vegetable and fruit production.

Torku in frozen meat products

In Panagro Meat and Milk Integrated Plants, Torku Meat Factory came into service in 2014 and it has 28.000 m2 of indoor space where slaughterhouse/chopping and advanced processing production lines are together. Meat obtained from animals slaughtered halal in our own slaughterhouse, is used in all advanced processing products. Our frozen product group contains Fresh Frozen Burgers (360 and 450 g), various fresh and cooked meatballs such as İnegöl style and Small Meatballs, single and multiple packaged pizzas that we started to produces as of March 2016 and Heat-Eat Cheeseburgers that will the first in Turkey.

Pratiko in frozen potato products

Konya Şeker put Seydibey Agricultural Products Integrated Plant into service in 2009 in order to increase producer’s income and to promote planting alternation products. With this investment, Konya Şeker became the pioneer of potato cultivation in Konya. Today, important restaurant chains which include international brands, use French fries of Konya Şeker in their menus. Konya Şeker is a leader in the sector with 25 percent market share with product varieties of frozen potatoes, onion rings and potato croquettes under Pratiko brand... Potato wedges, crinkle cut, cube cut and oval sliced frozen potatoes are processed in plants having 70 thousand tons of annual production capacity in addition to French fries.

Marketing potato by converting it into a value added product, makes producers happy on the one hand and it secures continuity of alternation agriculture for sugar beet, accordingly, secures sugar beet planting. On the other hand, it becomes an employment opportunity for unemployed young people and contributes to vitalization of commercial life.