Traditional Products

Halvah and Turkish Delight Production Plants (Halvah Production Place)

With production lines established on the area located on continuation of hard candy and sugary products production plants which is the first step in converting sugar beet processed in Sugar Factory into value added product, production of new traditional products such as halvah, Turkish delight and Mevlana Candy in Halvah and Turkish Delight Production Plants (Halvah Production Place) was discussed.

However, after Konya Şeker decided to grow in traditional products in 2011, it both expanded its product portfolio and increased its production volume by including  Traditional Products Production Plant (Halvah Production Place) located in Karaman to its structure. Halvah Production Place produces Processed Sesame (Biscuit Sesame, Turkish Bagel Sesame, Pastry Sesame), Tahini, Halvah and Turkish Delight in 3700 m2 of indoor area built on 13.400 m2 of outdoor area.

Today its all traditional products consisting of Torku branded halvah, Turkish delight, tahini and sesame varieties are consumed by consumers admiringly. In halvah group; pistachio, plain, cocoa, hazelnut varieties are produced in different weights in grams according to market demand, in Turkish delight group; chocolate coated pistachio Turkish delight and chocolate coated hazelnut Turkish delight varieties are produced in addition to pistachio, hazelnut, plain, rose, mint, sesame, pomegranate flavored, gum mastic flavored Turkish delights. There are brown tahini and white tahini varieties in tahini group and white sesame, Turkish bagel sesame, pastry sesame and biscuit sesame alternatives are produced in sesame group.