Konya Şeker which is a farmer's cooperative association, aims to increase income of the farmers and agricultural production in the region with its production of manufactured goods and to diversify the producers' incomes. Konya Şeker which places establishment of plants which will process agricultural products for the benefit of region’s and country’s economy, in the center of its growing strategy, brought Juice, Vinegar and Molasses Production Plant investment to our country in order to extend vineyards and orchards and to take fruit growing under its wings by accepting growth in the industry as a tool for extending agricultural production with this strategy.

Torku Fruit Juice, Vinegar and Molasses Production Facility which was established at the center of Taurus, aims to increase its production capacity in parallel with development and growth of fruit growing in all over Konya along with the region and to increase product processing variety with final products.

By processing grapes and apples grown in the region, NFC (not from concentrate) fruit juice, vinegar and molasses are produced.

Manufactured products produced in the plant are offered to the market as additive-free and first class products.