Snack Group (Chocolate, Bakery Products, Candy)

Torku Chocolate and Sugary Products Factory

Torku which adds value to producer's sugar, produces natural, additive-free chocolate. Torku Chocolate and Sugary Products Factory was established in order to enable added value that will emerge by producing final products for which sugar is used used as input to stay in agricultural sector and in order to enable beet producers’ level of welfare to increase. With new plants completed in 2010, factory became one of the factories having the most modern technology in the world. At this point, priority comes into prominence always as producing natural, additive-free chocolate and consumer health.

With "Bakery and Sugary Products, Chocolate, Biscuit, Cake, Wafer Production Plants" which were started to be built in 2011, factory aims to increase product diversity more and to get an important place in domestic market. Wafer, biscuit, cake, soft candy, cracker investments came into play as of 2013. Thus, product range offered “from seed to table under Konya Şeker’s guarantee”, expanded.

Today, spreadable cocoa hazelnut cream, halvah, Turkish delight and hard candy varieties are produced in this factory in addition to chocolate types consisting of solid, filled, tablet, madlen and bar products. Cacao milk hazelnut cream is packed in separate lines as both bowl and jar. Alternatives of caramel nougat bar, hazelnut and peanut caramel nougat bar, chocolate coated nougat bar with various fruit pieces are also offered under bar products. Filled or pistachio, hazelnut chocolate treats and madlen chocolates in addition to filled or pistachio, hazelnut tablet chocolates are produced in a separate line. 

In Candy Production Plant, it produces hard candies with a wide range of flavor and variety with Torku main brand, it offers a different taste to the market with hard candies filled with liquid flavor produced in here. In Halvah Plant which began production in 2010, plain, cocoa and pistachio halvah varieties are produced. In addition to these, pistachio, chocolate coated pistachio, mint, sultan Turkish delights and special cocoa cream rolled Turkish delight varieties which are produced with high quality are marketed.

It is not compromised on quality while paying great attention to raw material controls. Controls that are part of high quality understanding and made by quality control personnel meticulously,continue throughout production and after production. Thus, standards related to quality and hygienic product production are always maintained.

Factory which implements GMP rules meticulously, has ISO2200, Food Safety Management Certificate, ISO9001 and Quality Management System Certificate. Torku brand is exported to 74 countries. Torku stays in the course of being world brand with chocolates and sugary products produced with high quality standards. Beet producer’s labor and taste of Turkey’s soil are exported to total 74 countries in Europe and America in addition to Middle East and Asia with Torku brand.