Meat Products

Panagro was established to support beet producer farmers in animal husbandry by believing that animal husbandry and farming are like two peas in a pod for raising welfare level of farmers. It is located on 80 thousand square meters of indoor area, on total 343 thousand square meters of outdoor area and make our country proud of having the biggest of the sector.

While Panagro Meat-Milk Integrated Food Complex carries out natural and healthy production in a hygienic environment with equipment having technological superiority, it started to play an important role in the development of the region's and country's animal husbandry with its established production chain and to increase welfare of the producers with value added production.

With daily 1.200 bovines, 3.000 ovines processing capacity, Meat and Meat Products Plant is able to meet a significant portion of Turkey’s fresh meat consumption with this capacity.