Milk Products

Milk plant of food complex having the title of the world's largest Meat-Milk Integrated Plant established in Meram, has daily 2.000 tons of raw milk processing capacity. 

Panagro enabled plant production weighted income composition in the region to undergone a radical change. Konya and its surroundings acquired significance in also animal production at least as much as its significance in plant production. The plant suddenly took both Konya Şeker and the region's agricultural sector several levels up.

Animal husbandry is an indispensable part of agriculture in order to increase welfare of farmers. Therefore, Panagro was established in order to support beet producer farmers in also animal husbandry. Plant located on 80,000 square meters of indoor area, on total 343,000 square meters of outdoor area, make our country proud of having the biggest of the sector.

While Panagro Meat-Milk Integrated Food Complex carries out natural and healthy production in a hygienic environment with equipment having technological superiority, it started to play an important role in the development of the region's and country's animal husbandry with its established production chain and to increase welfare of the producers with value added production. At the same time, Panagro gains ground on becoming a pioneer with innovative products and production machines by aiming at being the first and only and R&D center which was established in its structure, carries out serious studies on this subject.


Şekersüt branded products which are the first preference of consumers with their taste and quality in regions where they distributed, are produced above sector’s standards without compromising quality in the plant which was restructured and turned into a modern enterprise by Konya Şeker.

Indispensable principle of Şekersüt which offers milk produced by region’s farmers in the natural conditions to the consumer in reliable packages as highly nutritional, health, taste and quality guaranteed by bringing it together with Şekersüt’s expertise, is respecting consumer health and consumer satisfaction.