Beet sugar production which is the first activity area of Konya Şeker when it was established, is its main activity area today and in our country where 33 sugar factories make production, it produces more than one fifth of the country’s sugar production with two sugar factories consisting of Konya Sugar Factory with the capacity of 200 thousand tons/year and Çumra Sugar Factory with the capacity of 300 thousand tons/year. Konya Şeker which renewed technology of Konya Sugar Factory established in 1954 with its rehabilitation investments, completed Çumra Sugar Factory in 2004, its foundation was laid in 2003 and its is one of the most modern sugar factories.

Konya Şeker which is the largest sugar producer among private companies in Turkey, takes a leading part in sugar sector appropriate to its position and changed the traditional production and marketing habits in the sector with investments that it made. In this framework, Konya şeker which diversifies crystal sugar with products that it produces such as liquid sugar, baklava and dessert syrup, rock candy, drug sugar, invert sugar, powdered sugar, bee syrup, hard candy, enabled country's beet sugar market to expand.

Konya Şeker letting retail market have products that it produces directly and without intermediaries through marketing company established by it, aims to carry its leadership in production to retail market as well. 

In this framework, the Company increased capacity of Cube Sugar and Crystal Sugar Packaging Plants within the structure of Çumra Sugar Integrated Plants and started to produce different product types with different production tapes and in different weights and packages according to consumer trends. Konya Şeker's products in packed group such as crystal sugar, cube sugar, brown sugar are offered to consumers under "TORKU" brand.