Seydibey Campus

The facilities, which have the most advanced Technologies and integration, are the most modern facilities in Turkey.

Seydibey Agricultural Products Integrated Facility began its activities in 2009 to increase the income of the producers and motivate planting of alternative product. Konya seker has become the Pioneer in potato agriculture in Konya with this investment. Major restaurant chains, among which there are international brands, currently use Konya seker’s finger potatoes in their menus.

Konya Seker has 25 per cent market share with Pratiko brand and is the leader in the sector with its frozen potatoes, onion rings and potato croquettes product variety. The facility, which has a 70 thousand tons per year production capacity with 11 tons per hour processing speed also processes wedge, wrinkled, cube and oval cut frozen potatoes.

Potato being marketed by getting turned into a value added product makes our producers smile on the one hand and assures sustainability of alternating agriculture, which is necessary for sugar beet, and thus sustainability of sugar beet planting. On the other hand, it provides employment for unemployed youngsters and contributes to commercial life to be livelier. While field prices of industrial type potato increased by 33 per cent when Pratiko products entered the market, frozen potato prices decreased. Konya Seker makes Konya develop and grow with its investments.

Konya Seker applies the principle of utilizing production waste at this facility as well. Thanks to the Biogas Facility, it has put into operation in line with this, biogas obtained from potato skins and other waste, is used for supplying an important part of energy requirement of the plant.

Preparations are made to produce frozen products, such as spinach, broccoli, peas and sweet corn with the new production lines to be added to the facility.

Planned (with contract) potato planting started in Turkey when the facilities were established. This way, price fluctuations have been prevented. Finger potato production increased 1/3 when Seydibey U.I Integrated Facilities were established. Opportunity of farmers and people in the region to find jobs has increased due to potato planting having increased in the region and immigration from villages to cities have been partially prevented.

What sets Seydibey apart from other businesses, producing in Turkey, is that it is a farmer’s institution. It is necessary to consider Konya Seker’s existence in potato agriculture and industry as an opportunity, which will carry the sector forward with all its aspects and a great chance for the industry of our country, which depends on agriculture.

A first has been achieved in Turkey and a Natural Storage has been Built by Penetrating a Mountain

A first has been achieved for the storage of potatoes, processed by the facility. A natural storage with a capacity of 20 thousand tons has been built by making use of the natural structure of the region. Thanks to the investment, which allows storage of raw potatoes without spending energy, while the energy of the facility is minimized, operation efficiency has been maximized by storing potatoes in an environment, close to their natural environment.